domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008


The vanity and impurity are purely shown
Relentlessly and motionlessly have gone
The inconstancy, the moaning winds and stones
The sands of the shore are now the driest ones

Charity has moved farther away
For so long companies have strayed
The vivid rays of light are now sepia
White snow withdrawn to grayscale winter

The wizardry, knowledge, chemistry
Have lost magic, tenderness, mystery
Bitterness, sorrow, rage, don’t exist
But nostalgia of early life still insists

The tide of the time is slowing and freezing
Just like the atmosphere never breezing
Suffocating, denigrating, melting
What was fighting now is yielding

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Morganna disse...

tá, renato. juro que só não entendi porque não sei inglês. =D