domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008


Another time, another tale
Another life, another fail

Now come the shots to overwhelm our shields
Now come the lords to overcome our fields

On wars we’re torn apart and reborn
From what we are
Onslaught in forms that fill the books
We can’t even look
At them

For what do we march on to this
Is it weakness?
Been taught were we, no running
Still we’re singing

Like mantras for frail
Pavement for trails
Never correct?

I know now that the love I have
Could be a certificate of death
In really pessimist hands
I’m eager to live without chains
I ought to leave all your vain
And really narcissist trends

Going to get old, dry and foretold
About all the anguish in this world
Nothing will stop, nothing relieves
I’ll just get myself to deceive
All in my mind, all my desire
My dreams are tied to steel wire

In my own universe, locked in my head
Cities engulfed in fire and warfare
Nothing coexists, everything diminish
In front of destructions that extinguish
My various personalities confronting
Earthquake, storms, themselves, all things

Another light, another pale
White veil to mask the jail

We put ourselves in, just to feel free again
When we just break in, just to be confined again

For what do we live again?
We die in our arms
No matter what, breathing
We keep alive
Why, then?

For what do we keep in this
My reasoning
Is still broken, like it’s
To stem…

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